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ASPIRE Stipend Program


(CARES Plus Stipend Program for Early Educators)


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The Aspire Application for the 2015-16 program is now closed.

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is a First 5 California professional development program for early childhood educators, also known as CARES Plus. ASPIRE participants receive free on-line training regarding the CLASS observation tool, academic and career advisement, and are required to complete 3-6 semester units of coursework. By successfully completing the ASPIRE requirements, participants can earn a stipend of at least $1,000.

•  Work at least 15 hours a week in a licensed Child Care Facility (Family Child Care, Center, Licensed-exempt, Public school) that receives less than 51% State subsidies*
•  Work directly with children ages 0-5 (not yet entered Kindergarten)
•  Earn less than $60,000 annually
•  Be at least 18 years of age
•  Planning to complete 3-6 semester units (4.5-9 quarter units) of coursework in Child Development, General Education, ESL, or GED. 
•  Possess basic computer knowledge
•  Email account is required 

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Program Guidelines
•  New Applicants click here.
•  Returning Applicants click here.

My Teacher Partner (MTP)
For more information about our MTP component, click here.

Verification Packet
For current ASPIRE participants enrolled in 2015-16 program year only. 
To download the verification packet, click here.

For any questions, contact us at 213.416.1943 or workforcedevelopment@laup.net


*There are two stipend programs available to early childhood educators in LA County. One is ASPIRE and the other is the "Investing in Early Educators" Stipend Program (AB212). AB212 is designed to increase the retention and academic preparedness of teachers working in child development programs – centers and family child care homes – in which most (over 51%) of the children are subsidized by the State.  If you are eligible for AB212 you are not eligible for ASPIRE. To learn more about L.A. County's "Investing in Early Educators" Stipend Program, click here or call 213.974.4674

“The best way to improve America in the 21st century is to invest in early education, to ensure that even the most disadvantaged children have the opportunity to succeed alongside their more advantaged peers.”

James Heckman, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
During teacher training, “I loved seeing the spark for new learning vs. apathy. …(Workforce) is teaching the foundation of what a good preschool is.”

Lea Garcia, Primary Academy for Success